Thursday, November 18, 2010

Don't Try To Control Your Feelings

Some scientists believe feelings are evolutionarily designed to be expressed and shared with other human beings

Grief, for example, lets people around us know we need comfort. Expressing fear alerts others to danger. Love lets people know that…well, that they are loved.

I am not one to argue with science, not even unconfirmed science. At least not when it agrees with what I already believe.

Feelings aren’t meant to be hidden.

We tend to think of feelings as our own. They aren’t. They come and go in their own time and in their own ways. More importantly, they are universal. Feelings are the currency of human connection.

Don’t turn them away. Don’t try to cling to them. Don’t try and keep them from others.

Trying to keep a feeling from someone else is refusing to give. Turning away from someone else’s feelings is refusing to receive.

You can control your behavior. But let your feelings be. Let them ebb and flow in their own time, according to their own wisdom.


Consider the following questions.

How often are you aware of what you are feeling? How do you feel about the idea of letting people know how you feel? Under what circumstances are you most able to express yourself? When are you likely to hold yourself back?

-May All Beings Be Sexy

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