Monday, December 3, 2012

Honesty Vs Truthfulness

There is a difference between being truthful and being honest.

Truthfulness puts the onus on the other person to "ask the right questions."Or--taken to the other extreme--it might mean blurting out inappropriate truths at inappropriate times or the wrong context. Many people have been hurt by the words "I'm just being honest."

Are you?

Honesty is not about hurting people. It's also not about splitting hairs or being 'technically truthful.' It's not telling people what we think they want to hear in order to avoid hurting their feelings.

Nor is honesty only about answering questions. It's also about asking them. Honesty is also being truthful with ourselves about what we want to know about the other person. Honesty is having the courage to ask those questions.

Honesty is showing people we can be honest--and showing that we are able to handle honesty in return.

Honesty is showing people who we are and what we want, in our words and in our behavior, and giving them the choice how to respond.

What does honesty mean to you? Are there times when you struggle to be honest? What do those situations have in common? What about truthfulness--does it come easily or not? When have you felt you can be the most honest with someone?

-May All Beings Be Sexy

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