I’ve started taking donations on the website. The link is over there on the right.

So people know where their money is going, at this point, it will be to pay for advertising on other sites--ie online dating sites like POF and OKCupid, and possibly Facebook as well as long distance charges for phone support (see below). If there’s money left over, I will start looking at other opportunities to grow and expand the website...or possibly a cute pair of shoes.

I also have vague plans about setting up a group locally and doing a speaking tour sometime in the future so I actually get to meet with people face to face instead of trying to do everything over a computer screen. The internet is wonderful, but for me there’s no substitute for flesh and blood connection.

But one step at a time and that first step is advertising.

For those of you who wish to donate, they will be gratefully accepted. Anybody donating 20$ or more will get a copy of my ebook Dating for Shy Guys. Anyone donating over 80$ will get the ebook, plus I’ll give you an hour of telephone support on your dating life. Make sure when you make the donation you give PayPal the email address you want me to send the ebook to (or contact you to set up phone time)

Addendum: Money isn't the only type of donation I accept. I'm also thrilled to receive dating/relationship/sex books/videos or even something as simple as links to other sites I might want to check out and find interesting.

I also love Rice Krispie Squares.

The type of donation isn't as important as that's it's given and received freely. Which might not make sense unless you've read this post.